The Business Improvement Program

What if we told you what it takes to make your business more Profitable, more Valuable, and more Enjoyable?

And importantly what the best businesses have done to achieve those results?

Plus we help you with the implementation so that you get the results you seek.

That’s exactly what we do at the leading 2 day program designed specifically for owner managed businesses and CEO’s.

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5 top tips to succeed in Business.

Alec Blacklaw, leading Strategic Advisor to business owners, shares 5 top tips that  leading businesses employ to enjoy and maintain  their success.


It starts with a dream. A passion to improve the outcomes for people. A product, a service, an idea that will make sure that people get a better result or experience.


Once the dream evolves and takes shape flesh out the vision and alternate strategies to achieve the big picture. Understand the structure that will be required,  designing the culture of the organisation to allow it to differentiate and engage with the target audience. You need to stand out.


Take action and put in place the critical success factors for the business. Talking only gets you so far;  time for the rubber to hit the road.


Measure and manage the important things on a regular basis to make sure you are on track. Watch the trends, the dashboard and take corrective action quickly.

Understand and manage your cash flow. Reward your people for excellent performance.


Always look to improve on what you are doing . One step at a time. Engage . Dont rest on your achievements – continue to invest in yourself, your people, your products and services , your brand.

Sharpening the saw every day and week . It’s a journey not a destination.

Accelerate sales using clear vision.

You want more sales and you want them sooner. Don’t you?

Striving towards your vision

Sales are the oxygen of any organisation and are required to survive and excel. Not all sales are good sales.

Profitable revenue growth is the only sustainable pursuit. This is where your Vision kicks in.

A clear and documented vision that is understood by all of the stakeholders is critical. One where there is buy-in and an emotional connection involving the owners, team, clients and your community.

Your target audience is watching and listening and are very discerning.

You just can’t hear the silence. Connect.

Your vision is much more than a fancy or slick tag line. It will be part of the way you do things and deliver results, so that your audience will truly get your message.

It’s noisy out there – it’s harder to be heard and stand out.

If you have what they want & think they need, and once they understand your message and value proposition –  your audience will at least be tuned in.

The next step is for them to be able to have an experience with you.

The register will then ring.

And you will have more sales of the type you want!