The Business Improvement Program

What if we told you what it takes to make your business more Profitable, more Valuable, and more Enjoyable?

And importantly what the best businesses have done to achieve those results?

Plus we help you with the implementation so that you get the results you seek.

That’s exactly what we do at the leading 2 day program designed specifically for owner managed businesses and CEO’s.

2 days of action-packed material, powerful ideas, success tips and tools delivered by Alec Blacklaw along with international expert speakers and leaders in business–   all built on The 9 Key Success Strategies   that will improve you and your business on so many levels. and that’s a promise.

You will receive a comprehensive workbook, real-life examples and a unique learning experiences that you will allow you to put into practice the strategies for improved results.

The focus is on implementation of lots of little 1%’s that will make a huge difference to your business, your own team and your clients.

You’ll learn how to add the very powerful and proven 9 Key Success Strategies to your existing business model and how to leverage these strategies to provide the results you seek consistent with your goals and enjoy even more of what you do.

What Will I Learn?

The BIP is not a talk fest or a big stadium experience for the masses- it’s practical and highly immersive. No role plays or useless exercises you cant relate to.

We have lots of breakouts, all designed to allow you to work on your business over the 2 days to implement the success tips, practical ideas and solutions to meet your objectives and to address your current challenges.

The sessions cover all aspects of business, from ensuring that business owners know and can communicate their Vision and real purpose, to focusing on developing excellent customer relationships, building a engaging brand, developing a winning culture, being an awesome leader and getting the best out of your people, how to unlock your profit potential and design a business that is attractive and relevant where there are loads of value  and options under any exit.

Simply put, we will share the 9 Key Success Strategies guaranteed to make your business even more valuable, profitable and enjoyable… with more options so that you can live the life you desire.

Participants will work together in teams over the 2-day period assessing their own businesses, listening to best business practice methodology, and then implementing these in the regular breakout sessions. It is lots of fun but more than this you will practically apply what the best businesses do to succeed.

There will be loads of opportunities for networking and sharing ideas with your peers and the speakers in a relaxed and trusting environment on what other business leaders do in their business or segment that might be adaptable to your business.

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Like to come to the next BIP ?

Call Alec Blacklaw directly on +61 408 351403 or to find out why attending The BIP will be a great idea for you.  


A no quibble money back guarantee is provided is provided if you are not delighted after the 2 days.

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