Client Experience

We have been privileged to work with so many business owners in a variety of industries, at different stages of their business life and in many countries.

We delighted to share some of their experiences with you.

“Alec has worked with me through the MSI group over a number of years. Alec has a very good eye for business management, strategy management and business development. He has great contacts and an easy way of explaining his views. He is willing to put in the time and energy to make things work. I will keep working with Alec I hope for years to come!”

Andrew Mitchard | Managing Director | Lawyer | Johnston Withers


“We have worked with Alec for a number of years and continue to engage his services. His insights, strategic planning and guidance have been instrumental in the rapid and accelerated growth of our business. I highly recommend Alec’s services to any business looking to break away from the status quo and move into a more profitable growth phase.”
Michael Townsend |Director | McGrath St Kilda
“I’ve had the opportunity to work alongside Alec and see him in action. Alec brings so much energy to the table which leads to results and big goals achieved. Alec puts 100% into everything he does and has made a real difference to our firm.
Alec still keeps in contact with the directors and team at our firm, and it’s clear that that he really does care about people. I admire the work that Alec does with SMEs and professional practices, along with his dedication to charities and the wider community.”
     Nigel Plowman | Managing Director | McKinley Plowman

“Well worth it,  I’ve absolutely loved the last 2 days delivered in a brilliant and engaging style, I cant wait to get back into the business and implement the many ideas that were presented. Lots of little 1%’s that will make a significant impact on our business… ”

Jonathan Lee|CN Group

” I have just spent the 2 most amazing days I never thought I was going to spend, ( I’m  a born cynic) but every half an hour I came up with a light bulb moment and I now have a box full light of bulb moments to implement in our business…  ”

Adrian Moeckell| Managing Director EWGA Wines

” I experienced new techniques that will positively impact our business, Awesome, the speakers were immense! I recommend it to anybody, Congratulations and I’ll be back ”

Eddie Black| Managing Director Eco- Genics

” I came to The BIP  completely out of my comfort zone but thoroughly enjoyed it, I realised other business owners  have similar issues, …now I cant wait to get back in the business and crack on! ”

Kate Eady| Managing Director Wrapped Agency

” We have been working with Alec over the last 2 days at The BIP  with our clients helping them and showing them how to run more successful businesses and make them more profitable and enjoyable , We’ve had a fun 2 days and there are lots of opportunities for us  to help them implement the strategies to run more successful businesses for the future. ”

Paul Dickson | Managing Partner |Armstrong Watson.

 I thoroughly enjoyed the content and delivery of The Business Improvement Program . It is very relevant to my business now, the challenges we have and what we need to do to make the business much more enjoyable for our team.”

Andy Murphy| Managing DirectorMelrose Textiles Co.

 ” I thought it would be impossible to learn as much as we have in the last 2 days. I can’t speak highly enough of Alec and his presentation . It’s been absolutely excellent and there are probably about 20 things I will take away and implement in the business.”

Chris Ryan|   Financial Controller |Caldervale Technology Ltd.

” I found there are so many little things that can effect your business.  Its given me confidence that I am on the right track but I learned lots of knowledge and expertise that I can take away and implement in our business. Well worth it!”

Jo Pagdin| Rotherwood Recruitment

“What I loved about The BIP was the amount of knowledge from the speakers and how they really had an interaction with the people.   The knowledge was enormous, my notes are extensive and there are so many things I’m really looking forward to working on. I think it’s really going to benefit my business and the people in the business.”

Paul Lindley| Managing Director Narla Engineering

My biggest takeaway from The BIP was definitely around strategy . I definitely feel I gained what I wanted to gain from coming to The BIP which was how to get a strategy on how to grow our business and it’s given me a clear plan on how to do that. I’ve got a lot of brilliant content there.”

Jo Geldard |Baker Harding

“Its been absolutely  brilliant.  I have learned so much at The BIP for my own business, I  know about the “Why”.  it’s a big thing, I’ve read about it. I’ve never really had that moment about what is “my why”, but I got clarity about my why and it makes  everything easier. So much to takeaway, it’s been a fantastic event.

Alec, Peta…  I cant thank everyone enough.  So come to it!”

Simon McCaskill|Google Trainer | UK and Europe