The Business Improvement Program

What if we told you what it takes to make your business more Profitable, more Valuable, and more Enjoyable?

And importantly what the best businesses have done to achieve those results?

Plus we help you with the implementation so that you get the results you seek.

That’s exactly what we do at the leading 2 day program designed specifically for owner managed businesses and CEO’s.

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5 top tips to succeed in Business.

Alec Blacklaw, leading Strategic Advisor to business owners, shares 5 top tips that  leading businesses employ to enjoy and maintain  their success.


It starts with a dream. A passion to improve the outcomes for people. A product, a service, an idea that will make sure that people get a better result or experience.


Once the dream evolves and takes shape flesh out the vision and alternate strategies to achieve the big picture. Understand the structure that will be required,  designing the culture of the organisation to allow it to differentiate and engage with the target audience. You need to stand out.


Take action and put in place the critical success factors for the business. Talking only gets you so far;  time for the rubber to hit the road.


Measure and manage the important things on a regular basis to make sure you are on track. Watch the trends, the dashboard and take corrective action quickly.

Understand and manage your cash flow. Reward your people for excellent performance.


Always look to improve on what you are doing . One step at a time. Engage . Dont rest on your achievements – continue to invest in yourself, your people, your products and services , your brand.

Sharpening the saw every day and week . It’s a journey not a destination.

Boost your Bottom Line!

You want to get great results from any money you spend with any consultant, service provider, or Accountant. That’s a given.

 I understand that – who wouldn’t?

You may have had a less than perfect experience in the past and want to be more certain that the next choice you make when choosing an advisor is way better.

And you want to achieve much more from the relationship – on a number of levels. Where you will obtain lasting and sustainable results that really add to your bottom line.

Simple clear english – no jargon , with a focus on the outcomes you desire. I get it.

Most people are happy to pay a fair price if they get the results they seek. You are probably no different but you want some certainty.

OK, here’s what I suggest:

  1. Be very clear about your objectives, what you want and when.
  2. Confirm your expectations with the service provider on your first meeting. This  first meeting should be complimentary and carry no obligation so that  you can mutually understand if there is a good fit.
  3. Expect the service provider to prove they can deliver the results you seek, based on their clear advice and track record in the context of  your issues and challenges right now.
  4. Develop a plan of action that defines your objectives and expectations.
  5. Confirm how you will measure the progress,
  6. Mutually understand the value you will obtain from this engagement –Qualitative and Quantitative.
  7. Understand and document the progress, what you will get, how you will benefit, the time line for delivery and your investment and options to pay.
  8. Take Action, be Courageous & be prepared to Implement what is required.
  9. Measure and manage – everything ! And realign based on what you learn .
  10.  Be accountable for results.

You will start to see the results appear which you will be able to enjoy and which will make a huge difference to your bottom line.

Passion Focus Capability, the winning combo!

Why is it that some combinations seem to work better than others?

Or that the combination of particular ingredients makes all the difference? Hmmm.

A coincidence or not ? I think not.

The right combination of Passion, Focus and Capability will produce great outcomes.

Are you drawn to people who are passionate about what they are doing, presenting or speaking about? You are more likely to connect with a brand, product or service that evokes passion or arises the passion in you.

So what’s your story? What is it about your business or product or service that stands out and deserves to be listened to?

In a crowded world where competition for your interest is huge, your point of difference needs to connect with my heart and mind!

You need to get my attention and connect with my needs, my challenge, my pain, my problem…

Is that making sense?

Ok , so sit back and review your value proposition and test that your message is truly connecting with your target audience.

Focus is a challenge for most people and most businesses. Understanding and working on what’s critical for your success; employing your time & resources wisely, ensuring all decisions fit with your vision is VITAL.

Continually ask yourself – ” Is what we are doing right now moving us closer  to our objectives? ”

If it’s not moving you closer, then stop doing it. And get back to doing what matters and that will make a difference to your success.

Capability is a minimum standard you might say. But does your business, product or service do what you promise? Is it consistently doing this over an extended period and exceeding expectations? Your feedback, amazing testimonials and increased sales and market share will confirm this.

Is there something in your “Offer” that delights your customer and delivers more than expected? If not,go back to the drawing board,  re-design   & add that missing ingredient.

Think of the great businesses, products or services that you admire… They will all do this.

That’s why they are in the top 5% in their segment.

Be prepared to invest whats required, in advance and stay the course.

Don’t give up, others will.

It’s worth the investment of time and energy.

You’re on the road to somewhere.

Do you know where you are headed?

That’s a start. It’s a long way to anywhere if you don’t know where you are headed.

Is your vision a secret? …or would your partners, team and clients know this too?

Having a clear and engaging vision is critical to maximise your success. You need a clear documented vision that gets attention and communicates what makes your products or services special. One that makes you or your business standout in a crowded and noisy market place.

 It will showcase your passion and profile your point of difference. You have one right?

Connecting with new clients and community is both simpler and harder than ever. Depends how you see it and what you do about it.

Ok, so technology is developing at a faster and faster pace. Social media is rampaging – only 750 million people are connected last time I checked.

This is good news surely. Embrace it, and leverage it to position yourself way above your competitors. First step; go back and review your vision.  When’s the last time you did this?

Is it still relevant? Could you ask any one of your team, clients or target audience about your business and vision and get an answer back that is in line with your actual vision and how you want to be perceived and positioned?   Does your audience really get it? If they don’t, then that’s good news too as most will fail this test.

This is where you need to get cracking and jump-start the pack to seriously grow or reposition your business!

Develop a killer pitch that makes an emotional connection with your team, clients and target audience.

Leverage the power of social media to build a more profitable, valuable and enjoyable business.

Love to hear about your success. Go to it.

Implementation is Everything!

Driving Girl
Where the rubber hits the road.

So you know this – right?

Every successful person and business getting the best results does.

Sure, but doing it regularly as part of your make-up is the key.

It’s simple, but tough. Strange how these guys seem to hang out together. Getting them to play together is where the fun begins and the rubber hits the road.

We call this implementation and it is everything. BTI.

If you don’t implement then nothing happens. Nothing comes from nothing. In fact it may not be that good- the shelf life of your existing knowledge is diminishing, so if you are standing still you are going backwards.

None of this applies to you of course – that’s why you are reading this.

The difference with you is that you are prepared to focus on the most important things in your business and your life -by the way, balance is important. 

 And there really is only one life.

Focus on the things that will make the most difference… the one percenters that will improve your results, one step or one per cent at a time. Your task is to clearly define these critical success factors – make them visual,so that you are accountable. Then stay focused and implement them. 

And yes, you may need some help.

Continually ask yourself- is what I am doing right now moving me closer or further from my goals? If it is not moving you forward – stop doing it and do what’s important. Now.

Begin To Implement.